The year is 1981.

New York has been under the rule of Prince Caedmon III since the early 1700s, but he slipped into torpor in 1968 and things started going downhill from there. Caedmon’s seneschal, Byron Harrington, managed the night-to-night operation of the city and struggled to maintain the peace while the Prince’s Inner Council jockeyed for position and warred amongst themselves for who would replace him.

It’s largely believed that the lack of a strong Prince and the inner turmoil of the city was what allowed the anarchs to sneak in and takeover the city. What remains a mystery is how the anarchs grew to such numbers. Canada had long been a breeding ground for them, but never in the numbers that marched on and took over the city. More than one report tells of hordes of newly embraced kindred being thrown at the elders as cannon fodder, something that at best is truly unwise and at worst suicidal for the Kindred doing the embracing.

Now, the Kindred of New York have fallen back to Philadelphia, counting their blessings that Prince Desmond Panaro doesn’t drive them out of his city. For now. In the meantime, they scheme and plan on how to take back their home.

New York By Night

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