New York City Camarilla

New York’s Camarilla Infrastructure (previously)

Prince: Caedmon III, an English Ventrue and one of the first vampire inhabitants of New Amsterdam

Seneschal: Byron Harrington, an English Ventrue, childe of Caedmon

Council of Elders:

  • Davos Damaskinos, a Greecian Daeva with ties to the theater and movie business in NYC
  • Dr. Xavier Sartoris, a Swedish Gangrel professor of archaeology that taught night classes and online courses at Stony Brook University
  • Calderon Balfour, a Scottish Mekhet with ties to the military and police
  • Sabine, an Austrian Nosferatu
  • (Formerly) Niccolo de la Garza, a Spanish Ventrue who was destroyed during the infighting following Prince Caedmon’s absence. Succeeded in the house by his childe Angela. Her position on the council is informal at best.
  • Cardinal Rodrigo Alberti, an Italian Ventrue and leader of the Chosen within the city, spiritual advisor to the Prince

Sheriff: Serafino “the Butcher” Camorra, one of the few Camarilla vampires that remained in the city, due to his large bulk; whether or not he was destroyed remains unknown

Deputies: Bellamy “Bell” Griffin

Of the council, House Damaskinos, House Balfour and House De La Garza are the strongest, whereas both Sartoris and Sabine tend to be more loners with weak or no ties to other members of their clans in the city. The exception being Cardinal Rodrigo, as the head of the church in the city, is looked up to by all members of the council and makes him the second most influential vampire in the city, after the Seneschal.

House Damaskinos
House Balfour
House de la Garza
The ChosenThe Night Watch
The Order of the Dragon
The Cainite Heresey

New York City Camarilla

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