Vampiric Creation Myths

Instead of the unifying myth of creation from the old World of Darkness that vampires are descended from Caine, I’m going to use some of the ideas behind the new World of Darkness. So the majority of vampires, if they hold any religious beliefs about their origins, hold that their line either originated with Longinus, touched by the blood of Christ and consider themselves to be the Chosen of Christ. Their beliefs and rituals are very Catholic in origin, perhaps a holdover from their mortal life. The Chosen tend to hold onto their Humanity longer than other vampires. The Chosen have access to the Theban Sorcery discipline.

The other belief, though less popular, is that vampires are descended from Vlad Dracula, who turned his back on God and embraced the darkness. Those who are members of the Order of the Dragon are the greatest students of the vampiric condition and through their mastery of the Coils of the Dragon, they have power over their condition that other vampires cannot boast.

The last belief, a minor cult that is actively hunted down by the Chosen, are the Cainite Heretics. They believe that Caine was the first vampire and the Beast is the mark of Caine, passed down from him to his children. They revel in the Beast and embrace its wild abandon.

If the Chosen is the major religious affiliation of the Camarilla, then the Cainite Heresy is the major affiliation of members of the Sabbat.

Vampiric Creation Myths

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